Online Forex Trading by Calforex Edge


Why Use Calforex Edge Online System?

Recieve and See Live Rates in Minutes

You can start using Edge either as part of a 30 day demo account or you can apply for your own live account and get access to Calforex Edge in only minutes. Once registered, you will receive an email confirmation with your unique passcode and system access. See live competitive rates and begin to book trades with a little as five easy clicks.

Compare our Rates to Your Bank

With your quick and easy to setup account you will be able to compare your bank rates to Calforex Edge rates in no time. Upon creating your account we don't show you trial or introductory rates but live actual competitive rates. We are confident that after you compare our rates with your Bank you will be able to see why so many companies use the Edge for their funds transfers.

Personal Preferred Client Service

If you qualify as a preferred client you not only get access to book your trades on Edge yourself but can call our toll free number for direct access to our team of live traders. Calforex only staffs the industries best Forex traders.

* some conditions may apply

Transparent Cost

Calforex offers fixed spreads and minimal or no fees on trades. Calforex works with you up front on pre-determined spreads based on your volume.

Security of Your Funds

Secure online payments are safeguarded with top level encryption in over 14 currencies.

Calforex is a Partner You Can Trust

Since 1983 Calforex has been in business helping clients transfer money worldwide in over 120 currencies.

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