Online Forex Trading by Calforex Edge


Features of Calforex EDGE

 The Calforex Edge is a web-based global payments and receivables platform that empowers our customers in five simple clicks to book their FX trades and transfer funds.

After Clients setup their Free Edge Account they can begin to do the following:


Book a deal in the spot market and settle with CALFOREX within 2 business days. Our spot market spreads are unbeatable by any broker or bank!


While North America sleeps, set an overnight market order to target specific exchange rates. Since the FX market doesn’t close, there is almost always a country trading. In Edge, enter your 'dream' rate and wait to see if the rate gets a match. You have nothing to lose and a great rate to gain.


Forwards are the best way to hedge your foreign exchange risk and minimize your risk exposure. Book your forwards in Edge for more flexibility and options than you might be used to at your bank.

Now you have the power to send or receive funds in any currency to virtually any country at the same low price that Calforex has been offering since 1983.

  • Up to the second, live rates
  • The most competitive rates in the industry
  • Daily market watch with in-depth economic calendars
  • Cash back earned with every transaction booked
  • Stored wire templates and beneficiaries
  • A new source of revenue; use our system for your clients
  • Transactions can be booked from your Blackberry or PDA
If you are sending or receiving currency anywhere in the world either personally or through a corporation, this system is for you. Avoid the bank; start saving time and money through the Calforex Edge.
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