Online Forex Trading by Calforex Edge

White Label Accounts

Csmall-page_pics8alforex has been in business since 1983 offering a wide variety of FX services to both retail and corporate clients. With over $1 Billion in transactions a year, twelve retail locations and a long track record of reliable business, Calforex is a leader in FX service that compliments your financial line of business.

Calforex Edge offers a unique set of online currency trading solutions that can be easily adapted as a "white label" extension to many financial institutions and financial online services.

Calforex works with our White Label partners to do a seamless integration with their current online services thus allowing them to:

- offer extremely competitive Foreign Exchange rates to their clients

- expand their current service offerings

- increase the potential revenue per customer

- create a new revenue stream from shared profits in the transactions

- add our online currency services for little to no setup fees

Please contact our account team today to see how we can help fit a custom White Label solution to your service offering.

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