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Calforex Edge is a web-based global payments and receivables platform that enables individuals and companies to see live foreign currency exchange rates and provides the ability to book transactions from the hundreds to millions of dollars in only 5 clicks.

Calforex Edge users can take avantage of this fully automated online system that empowers them to manage Foreign Exchange (Forex) trades quickly, easily and for minimal spreads.Take advantage of the EDGE

If you are sending or receiving currency anywhere in the world either personally or through a corporation, this system is for you. Avoid the bank, the line ups and high exchange rates - start saving time and money with Calforex Edge.

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  • Send Money Home
  • Pay Fees Abroad
  • Receive Funds
  • Buy International Property
  • Send Money to Family 
  • Buy Vehicles


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  • Pay Suppliers
  • Buy Equipment
  • Buy Products
  • Pay Employees
  • Repatriate Cash
  • Receive Funds

(No Fees to Sign Up)

Print and fax to: 1-800-445-1579
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Other Benefits of Using Edge:

  • As a Calforex Private Client you can purchase and sell foreign assets with the favorable exchange rates traditionally reserved for large commercial clients
  • Convenient, fast and efficient wire transfers to third parties or back to your own personal account
  • Up to the second, live rates
  • A typical trade will take you no more than 45 seconds. Leaving your accounts payable/receivable time to deal with other tasks
  • You have the power to send or receive funds in any currency to virtually any country at the same low price that Calforex has been offering for over 27 years
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